All we want for Christmas … is to keep our employees?

December 6th, 2022 | Industry News

Employers have grasped the idea that they need to use the latest recruitment processes if they are to attract the best staff, but some still haven’t truly understood that to hang onto the staff they already have, recruiting software may be their best Xmas present. Let’s star with the facts.

A recent survey discovered that one in three workers is expecting to seek a new job in 2023. Why? In part because people think they will get more training, learning and promotion opportunities ifthey are in an in-person workplace, with 41% of women and 32% of men saying that they felt they  would be overlooked for promotion if they worked at home. This is causing a move back from remote working, which is also being supported by the use of new incentives such as office based health initiatives or gym memberships, which often don’t work for remote employees.

Disappointment is a major cause of movement too, and this is where the best recruitment crm can be used to help retain your employees as well as recruiting new ones. Recruitment crm software is endlessly flexible – it can be used to promote internal vacancies to potential candidates already in your team and to seek word of mouth referrals from your staff if you can’t find the right person internally.

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Given that the global ‘staffing industry’ is expected to grow 11%in 2023 and with the UK being the third largest growth market after the USA and Japan in terms of staffing revenue, hanging onto your team could be one of the best ways to maintain productivity … and profitability. We all know that recruiting isn’t cheap, so using recruitment database software to reduce costs is a clear benefit.

Recruitment software supports better internal recruitment too

However, there are other, less obvious benefits to using recruitment software to keep your business on track, which means moving away from legacy software to new web based recruitment software. For example:

  • Finding internal candidates for vacancies will reduce time – and therefore cost – on unproductive interviews. Sometimes a top performer in your company is ideal for another position, even if their current job title doesn’t reflect that.
  • Not only does this save time on interview processes, but because your current employees are already part of your organisation, they recognise the culture, already have relationships with colleagues and will retain new information much faster because they are only having to learn job related specifics, not whole new systems and structures.

In our next post we’re going to talk about New Year’s Resolutions for recruiters – so watch out for that, as it will help you stay on top of what the best recruiters are going to achieve in 2023.


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