Christmas Opening Times

December 22nd, 2014 | Company News

We just wanted to take the time to wish you a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year. We look forward to working with you in 2015 as we continue to grow Recruit So Simple.

Our Christmas opening times are as follows:

Wednesday 24th December – 10am to 1pm
Thursday 25th December – Closed
Friday 26th December – Closed
Monday 29th December – 10am to 1pm
Tuesday 30th December – 10am to 1pm
Wednesday 31st December – 10am to 1pm
Thursday 1st January – Closed
Friday 2nd January – Closed
Monday 5th January – Back to normal

Even More New Features!

September 5th, 2014 | Company News

Our customers are waking up to a load of new features and improvements this morning. These have all come from customer feedback and include:

  • Overhauled task, calendar and alerting system.
  • Managers can now view all tasks in the system and filter using various options.
  • Tasks and interviews can now be exported from the system, and automatically synced with external applications such as Outlook, Gmail and Calendar for Mac.
  • Minor interface tweaks and improvements.

The full list of improvements can be viewed by logging into the system.

Unfortunately, there’s no rest for the wicked – the development team are already working full steam ahead on the next batch of updates. We’re committed to maintaining Recruit So Simple as the UK’s leading online recruitment software product.

New Features Launched!

August 19th, 2014 | Company News

We’re excited to announce that the latest set of improvements and new features have been launched. These have all come from customer feedback and include:

  • Brand new data export tools to make getting data out of the system even easier than before
  • Improved email editor that makes inserting images much faster
  • It’s now easier to email candidates who have registered via your website
  • Searching for clients now shows more location information about their different offices
  • Improved overview screens show additional information about candidates, clients and contacts

The full list of improvements can be viewed by logging into the system.

Further new improvements are already in the works and will be released over the next few weeks. We’re always working on improving the system, making it easier to use and adding more features. We’re committed to maintaining Recruit So Simple as the UK’s leading online recruitment software product.

New Features for Speed, Simplicity and Control

July 16th, 2014 | Company News

Recruit So Simple knows that the recruitment industry doesn’t stand still, so recruitment software has to keep up. New features we’ve already introduced, and are about to release, ensure that the process of recruitment is straightforward and secure.

In the past few weeks, we’ve introduced some great new improvements:

  • Our MailDrop system now allows users to turn forwarded CVs into records automatically via email. This saves a vast amount of administrative time inputting CVs into the system
  • Users can now continue to use their personal email client and BCC the system.
  • Substantial improvements to the searching facility in our recruitment software give swifter and more comprehensive search results.

Upcoming additional features of Recruit So Simple

Because we recognise the increasing demands on recruitment organisations, we’re also flagging some new developments that will be added to Recruit So Simple recruiter software in the next few weeks.

Off the shelf recruitment management software can be difficult to customise – but no two recruitment businesses are identical and all managers have different needs and preferences. Knowing this, we’re working on a completely new reporting system that has many innovative features that can be completely customised to the user. This will allow each manager and business owner to build a reporting system that gives them the swiftest and most efficient results. Faster results mean a more responsive and effective organisation that services its clients’ needs better, and therefore is more profitable. Recruit So Simple prides itself on being a fully responsive system that can be tailored to the individual user.

In addition to the new reporting infrastructure, we’re also working on adding an advanced export system, allowing a user to export records in CSV (Excel) format from any point within the system itself.

To ensure our users get the best benefit from our flexible payment structure, we’ve revamped our online recruitment software to allow businesses to export their entire database, and all their files, whenever they wish.

Recruitment is a rapid process, requiring swift contact with multiple individuals. We’re upgrading our bulk emailing process to ensure that users can send bulk emails directly from within the system. This means there is no need to email out from an alternative email provider and reduces the number of failed emails that occur when an email provider (as so many do) puts a limit on the number of emails that can be sent within a specific period.

Performance improvement in recruitment software

Easier searching, straightforward reporting, simplified emailing and sophisticated personalisation of Recruit So Simple are great features – but what do they mean in practice for our users?

We have always prided ourselves on being fast, reliable and secure, and these improvements speed up the process of recruitment, ensure results are found more easily and deliver greater security to the business user, which means more candidates getting swifter messages about potential opportunities and more clients filling positions easily and quickly.

Simply put, software for recruitment is only as good as its results and we believe ours are the best in the business. But we don’t stop there – we strive for continued improvement in every area so that our software can help your recruitment business to succeed.

Renewed Partnership with the Institute of Recruiters

May 8th, 2014 | Company News

Recruit So Simple, one of the UK’s leading providers of recruitment software, is pleased to announce the renewal of its partnership with the Institute of Recruiters (IOR).

Recruit So Simple, now a silver partner of the IOR, has become one of the major players in the recruitment software market since its inception in 2011. Having grown a strong, loyal customer base, the surrey based company is set to grow even further this year.

David Winter, Managing Director of Recruit So Simple: “Just like the IOR, we’ve achieved quite a lot in the past year, releasing hundreds of new features to improve our product. We also want to keep supporting the recruitment community, so renewing our membership with the IOR was a no brainer.”

Azmat Mohammed, Director General of IOR “We are thrilled that ‘Recruit so Simple’ have not only renewed but upgraded to Silver Partner Membership of the IOR. We are proud to offer our members Recruitment Software solutions from a leading provider and wish them continued success.”

The Best Just Got Better!

April 10th, 2014 | Company News

This week we rolled out a huge update to Recruit So Simple, which includes a new look, a streamlined interface and a ton of new features – all of which have been suggested by our customers!

Some the highlights include:

  • New streamlined user interface
  • Automatic employment history parsing
  • Easier to perform changes to multiple records at once
  • Improved Pipeline
  • Improved tagging for client sites to aid with searching
  • Better performance on mobile devices such as phones and tablets
  • Support for Skype contact details with links to quickly start a call

The full list of 20+ improvements can be viewed by logging into the system. Our team is already working hard on the next set of updates to Recruit So Simple. We’re always working on improving the system, making it easier to use and adding more features. We’re committed to maintaining Recruit So Simple as the UK’s leading online recruitment software product.

Recruit So Simple in 2014

February 4th, 2014 | Company News

Recruit So Simple is excited about 2014, so excited that it’s taken us until now to welcome the year, formally, on our website! We’ve had good reasons for the delay – recruitment has been a big story in 2013 and is only going to get bigger in 2014. This means that our ambition, formed in 2011, to create a simple and affordable recruitment software package, is more relevant and necessary than ever. That’s kept us pretty busy so far.

Clarity and prosperity with Recruit So Simple

2014 is the Year of the Horse – based on the Chinese character that forms the phrase ‘Galloping to Prosperity’ – Recruit So Simple is designed to help our clients do just that, by offering straightforward recruitment software that is a solution, not a problem.

Ease of use is vital in fast-moving business environments, but it’s only one part of the equation, another part is affordability. Our recruitment software solution has no hidden costs – it’s a simple payment that frees you from time-consuming administration so you can get on with recruitment. And while ease of use is vital and affordability is crucial, the final part of our winning formula is expert support from a well-trained team of customer support personnel who are dedicated to making sure you’re fully equipped to get maximum benefit from our software.

What’s coming up for us in 2014?

Globally, technology is going to be a major player in the recruitment market. It seems that every month there’s a new platform or software system that claims to help recruiters find the best candidates, but all too often the technology is let down by a poor user experience. We anticipate that many more recruiters will be looking for recruitment software that streamlines their processes and gives them an enjoyable user experience.

The recruitment industry in the UK grew 3.1% last year, and with the more promising economic climate, is expected to grow faster still in 2014. Every consultant and recruiter is therefore working harder and faster to fill vacancies and support clients and candidates – simple and effective recruitment software is a key component of more efficiency in recruitment.

We know that our industry is looking for an ever-better recruitment database, for online recruitment software that is reliable and responsive and for applicant tracking systems that are flexible and sophisticated enough to keep pace with the demand for the right people, in the right places, right now!

So we’re working on some features and improvements to our software that will keep our clients ahead of the game, and in parallel with that process of continuous improvement of our recruitment software, we’re already excited about a brand new product that we’ll be unveiling towards the end of 2014.

Recruit So Simple is a success story, and just as our clients benefit from the simpler, swifter and more effective recruitment processes our software delivers, we benefit too. We’re moving to bigger offices, which is a thrill for us, and a real sign that we’re getting things right for our customers.

Merry Christmas

December 23rd, 2013 | Company News

We wanted to take the time to wish all our customers a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year. We look forward to working with you in 2014 as we continue to grow Recruit So Simple. Our Christmas opening times are as follows:

Christmas Opening Times
Tuesday 24 December – 10am to 1pm
Wednesday 25 December – Closed
Thursday 26 December – Closed
Friday 27 December – 10am to 1pm
Monday 30 December – 10am to 1pm
Tuesday 31 December – Closed
Wednesday 1 January – Closed
Thursday 2 January – Back to normal

Latest Improvements to Recruit So Simple

October 21st, 2013 | Company News

We recently launched the first part of our much anticipated update. The list of improvements and new features include:

  • Full multi-currency support for our customers who do business in multiple countries
  • CV Parsing is now 600% faster and we’ve increased the accuracy of parsed data
  • Hundreds of CVs can now be bulk imported in just a few minutes
  • Improvements to the way tags and employment information are displayed on candidate records
  • Important information is now easier to see at a glance
  • Performance improvements to our infrastructure mean that the system is now even faster

All of the new features are based on the feedback we get from customers.

Our in-house development team is busy working on the next system update which will be launched shortly.

We’re always working on improving the system, making it easier to use and adding more features. We’re committed to maintaining Recruit So Simple as the UK’s leading online recruitment software product.

Huge Update On The Way

July 31st, 2013 | Company News

We currently have a huge number of features (over 100), all of which have come from customer feedback. All of these features are currently being worked into the product by our development team. Once the updates are complete, customers will be notified inside of Recruit So Simple.

Recruit So Simple is SAAS Recruitment Software (Software as a Service) which means that all of these updates will be applied automatically to every customer in the background, and at no additional cost.

We’re always working on improving the system, making it easier to use and adding more features. We’re committed to maintaining Recruit So Simple as the UK’s leading online recruitment software product.

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