Recruitment trends and tensions

October 31st, 2022 | Industry News

Recruiting trends are changing – and fast – Salary and happiness: In a recent study of more than 35,000 employees, more than half of those under 25 said they would leave a job if it made them unhappy. But what makes for happiness at work ? One thing,surprisingly, is salary information. 61% said that salary details on a job advert would make them  more likely to want the job. Recruitment management software can be used to effectively communicate with candidates without having to slap a salary range on a public advertisement, and recruiters who take this approach are clearly maximising their chance of producing an enthusiastic applicant.

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Recruitment Software and a more stable job market

October 17th, 2022 | Industry News

Following on from the ‘great resignation’ there is some evidence that the UK job market is stabilising again. Recruiters are seeing a shift and recruiting software is helping drive forward the positive shift.

According to McKinsey there is still ‘a fundamental mismatch between companies’ demand for talent and the number of workers willing to supply it’. One piece of evidence of this is the way that companies using online recruitment software are benefitting from a larger and more attractive talent pool than those relying on more traditional – and therefore less accessible – communication methods. Top talent wants to be able to engage with the recruitment process at its convenience, not during business hours only.

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Recruitment acronym round-up: IR35 and RPO

October 4th, 2022 | Industry News

Now that the UK has a new Prime Minister, recruitment agencies, employers and contractors are all exploring what her promises on IR35 might deliver. IR35 – the UK’s anti-avoidance tax legislation prevents ‘disguising’; employment by taxing it at a similar rate to employment. An inside-IR35 decision requires contractors to be classed as employees for all tax purposes including PAYEand National Insurance, whilst an outside-IR35 contractor can be taxed as an off-payroll worker.

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Recruiting software as a basis for expert hiring

September 26th, 2022 | Industry News

A recent survey shows that candidate experiences are crucial to their decision to take a job. Based on responses from nearly 4000 recent jobseekers, the findings include the startling statistic that 45% who responded said they had considered abandoning a recent hiring experience or did actually drop out of the process. Of those, 39% said that the recruitment process was taking too long – showing that candidates are still able to pick and choose between positions. This is a point in the process where the best recruitment crm gives candidates a sense of stability and assurance and allows recruiters to automate tasks so that they can spend quality time engaging with candidates in the recruitment funnel, although there’s no doubt that employers need to be taking on board the need to simplify recruitment processes if they are to gain the best candidates. A further 18% said that the company didn’t feel like a good fit for them, showing that recruitment marketing can actually saving companies money in the long run by helping them demonstrate company culture from the beginning rather than finding out part way through a time and cost intensive process that the candidate doesn’t feel they would be at home within the organisation.

Recruitment Software and recruitment marketing

September 12th, 2022 | Industry News

The Great Resignation is softening, but companies and recruitment agencies, who can harness recruitment marketing to their activities are having greater success than those who can’t.

Focused on the pre-applicant period of recruiting, recruitment marketing focuses on creating awareness of the hiring organisation and demonstrates a brand identity that will attract candidates. Because recruitment marketing draws on digital marketing strategies like social media exposure, multi-channel comms and automation, it works well with excellent recruiting software. It’s especially valuable when trying to attract passive candidates; people with excellent skills and experience who are not actively seeking to change jobs but can be enticed by a great package or by the appeal of an organisation whose ethos is congruent to their own.

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Instability and uncertainty in recruitment – and what to do about them

August 12th, 2022 | Industry News

Boris Johnson’s resignation and the subsequent leadership contest have lead to further upheaval in the UK. Recruitment trade organisations have pointed out that this instability at the top, alongside a cost of living crisis, is affecting both businesses and individuals. Significant skills shortage in sectors like healthcare is made worse by political uncertainty, and even reputedly ‘rational’ recruitment sectors like IT are seeing problems. Applicant tracking system UK software shows that the country is becoming less attractive, not just to non-nationals but to UK citizens who are increasingly looking for a more stable place in which to base themselves.

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Business slows/business grows in recruitment

August 5th, 2022 | Industry News

There’s a paradox at the heart of current recruitment consultancy life. Just as billings are reported to be at their lowest rate for 16 months for temporary work, more recruiters are choosing to go it alone than at any point in the past four years.

What’s driving the increase in small recruitment agency growth?

Oddly, it’s the very thing that’s causing difficulties for big recruiters. Candidate shortages. While the large recruitment companies point out that clients are slowing down their decision-making processes on permanent hires due to higher economic instability in the UK, there’s no doubt that the decline in candidate numbers is a huge problem. But – for those who choose to start a recruitment agency now, there are a couple of advantages.

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Big Pharma recruitment – big problem

July 22nd, 2022 | Industry News

A recent US Bureau of Labor Statistics report says that demand for people to work in physical, life and social sciences is predicted to grow by 7% by 2028, faster than all other occupations. this is in part driven by the convergence of life-sciences and technology and especially by the way that the pandemic has driven the work of the pharmaceutical industry into new places at rapid paces. All this is happening at a time when vacancy rates in the sector are high.

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Recruiters recruiting recruiters and other post-pandemic recruiting puzzles

June 24th, 2022 | Industry News

One effect of the increasing tensions in the labour market is the demand for recruiters. According to recent research by LinkedIn, nearly 3% more UK recruitment vacancies were advertised on the platform in April 22 than two years previously. This is actually one of the lowest demand levels, as the trend is 4.3% higher in Spain and 5.9% increase of advertised vacancies in Germany. Recruitment software UK wide is demonstrating that one of the biggest growth areas is recruiting at the entry level … and this demand is actually outstripping supply at every level in the sector, as is true across the UK where job vacancies are greater than unemployed persons for the first time in living memory.

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The new normal for recruiting

May 20th, 2022 | Industry News

Recruitment has always been a challenge. Add to that the difficulties of the pandemic and the unique tribulations of relatively new industries like fintech, crypto and blockchain and even the best recruitment CRM is facing unprecedented demands. But all this is part of the new normal for recruiting – and web based recruitment software is at the forefront of it all.

While research suggests on average we change jobs a dozen times over our career, for fintech, crypto and blockchain this is the low end of the scale. There are two reasons for this:

  1. There is no established career path into two of these industries (crypto and blockchain) and fintech is an industry still relying on transferable skills
  2. The growth in all these areas is exponential (in 2017 a study estimated 1900 employees in crypto, today it’s at least six times that) – meaning that importing from other sectors is the only way to fill jobs.

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