Displaying Jobs On Your Website

May 29th, 2012 | Company News

Integrating your recruitment software with your website is an essential part of increasing the number of quality candidates that can find and apply for your jobs. While developing Recruit So Simple we wanted to include this functionality as standard, and at no extra cost. Using our website integration features you can do the following:

  • Display selected jobs on your website
  • Allow candidates to register and upload their CV
  • Import the candidates directly into Recruit So Simple

Some recruitment software solutions are extremely complicated and costly, requiring web developers to spend hours getting your site working with the software. To integrate with Recruit So Simple you just need to copy and paste one line of code on to your webpage. It really is that simple. You can then customise the look and feel from within Recruit So Simple to make it fit in perfectly with your site’s design.

Many of our customers have given us great feedback about our website integration functionality. We often get told by them that they cannot believe we are offering this functionality at no extra cost, as most software providers charge large amounts for simply allowing you to display your jobs on your website and allowing candidates to register.

Visit our website to see how Recruit So Simple can help your business.

How Safe Is Your Data?

May 5th, 2012 | Company News

When using an online recruitment software product, the security and availability of your data is extremely important. You want it kept secure and also available to use whenever you need it. At Recruit So Simple we know these are major concerns for recruitment agencies, as your data is extremely valuable and any problem accessing it can be costly.

We have worked hard to ensure that our system is completely secure, and that your data will always be available. Recruit So Simple offers these features:

  • 100% uptime guarantee
  • Fully encrypted access to Recruit So Simple using industry standard SSL technology
  • Daily backups of your account which are stored on multiple backup servers
  • The ability to download all of your data from Recruit So Simple whenever you like

We don’t want to keep your data hostage, you are able to download all of your candidates, clients, vacancies, and documents whenever you like. This gives you the freedom to do whatever you want with your data, whether you wish to keep your own backups or transfer to another system.

Latest Improvements to Recruit So Simple

April 12th, 2012 | Company News

After extensive feedback from our customers, Recruit So Simple has once again taken a huge leap forward in terms of functionality and intuitiveness. Our recruitment software now boasts a ton of new features.

  • New incoming email feature (with automatic journaling and full support for many different email systems)
  • Automatic parsing of CVs via email
  • Broadbean integration (with automatic job posting and candidate application downloads)
  • Twitter integration
  • Custom tags for clients and contacts (for more accurate searching)
  • Shortlists for clients and contacts
  • Import candidates, clients, contacts, and vacancies from CSV files (makes migrating to us easier)
  • Quick view of the most recent journals when viewing search results

We’re always working on improving the system, making it easier to use and adding more features. We’re committed to maintaining Recruit So Simple as the UK’s leading online recruitment software product.

The Benefits of Online Recruitment Software

March 8th, 2012 | Company News

All recruitment agencies use some sort of system for managing their candidates, clients, and vacancies. This can range from something as simple as a spreadsheet to a fully-featured recruitment database system. These systems can be either PC-based, which means they run on your computer like any other program, or they can be web-based, which means you access them through a web browser via the internet.

At Recruit So Simple we strongly believe that online recruitment software is the way forward. The benefits of an online recruitment software system far outweigh the disadvantages.

The benefits of an online recruitment system are:

  • Can be accessed from anywhere in the world, all you need is a web browser and an internet connection
  • Can be accessed from your mobile phone or iPad/tablet
  • No time-consuming upgrades or installations, the system is updated automatically with new features
  • Does not require a server in your office
  • New users can be setup in seconds
  • Backups are taken care of for you, so you can be confident knowing your data is safe and secure
  • Recruit So Simple even allows you to download a backup of your data at any time with 1 click of the mouse

As you can see, the benefits of online recruitment software make it the ideal solution for recruitment agencies looking for a modern approach to recruiting.

Improvements to Recruit So Simple

February 10th, 2012 | Company News

Here is a list of improvements that we’ve made over the past week to Recruit So Simple. Most of these improvements were made as the result of feedback from customers using our online recruitment software.

  • Maximum number of recipients per email has been raised to 500
  • Support Tickets have been improved to make browsing through large numbers of tickets easier
  • Phone number identification accuracy has been improved in CV Parsing
  • CV Parsing has been made quicker due to optimisations on our parsing server
  • Tags, Positions and List Menu Items are now editable once they’ve been assigned to a record
  • Search results for Clients now shows the Main Contact’s phone number and email address

We’re always working on improving the system, making it easier to use and adding more features. We’re committed to maintaining Recruit So Simple as the UK’s leading online recruitment software product.

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